Simulation of the dinosaur is the use of modern scientific and technological means, make realistic dinosaur dinosaur fossils based on computer image restoration, rehabilitation production simulation dinosaur appearance, shape, motion, etc. are very realistic, lifelike body, action vividly.

The first is the use of steel production dinosaur holder, together with mechanical transmission, with a three-dimensional high-density foam manufacture dinosaur part of the muscle, the muscle fibers are then added to the above, increasing the strength of the dinosaur skin, and finally diluted with silica gel evenly brush formed on the dinosaur muscles dinosaur skin,then spray on the color, the final implanted control procedures, such a complete simulation dinosaur came out. Such a dinosaur can do eye, head, mouth, neck, paws, abdomen, legs,tail and other movements coupled with appropriate sounds very lively up!

The second is the sculpture of a dinosaur. His production process, materials are two, one, glass, steel, 2, cement sculpture. When you create or required as a steel skeleton of a dinosaur, and then attach the glass, steel, cement sculpture skin. Such a dinosaur can be made different attitude, lifelike. But he can not do the mechanical movement. He is a fixed dinosaur sculpture.

Simulation dinosaur can be more intuitive, more the image of the people about the dinosaur era dinosaur restore ancient style. Simulation dinosaur allows children to direct understanding of dinosaurs.

From the late 1990s until the beginning of 2005 only. This period is also our simulation dinosaur industry's most chaotic period. All kinds of shoddy simulation dinosaur rampage market. Most dinosaur simulation can not move, can not be called fiberglass sculpture products, looks dull, it does not cause the kind of immersive feeling of pressure and visual impact. The reason is mainly the domestic manufacturing industry simulation dinosaur, dinosaur production technology has not yet a breakthrough.

At this time due to low production costs dinosaur simulation, simulation dinosaur rental company so the barriers to entry are low, all kinds of dinosaurs rental companies cohabitation mixed. During this period it appears simulation dinosaur company focused on the Sichuan area. Some technical advantages dinosaur production and leasing companies during this period completed the primitive accumulation of capital.